Talent Sourcing

Ramp up your access to the top talent you aren’t reaching today—instantly.

Government offices are, in many respects, balancing acts. Intricate juggling routines involving time, money, and ever-changing resources.

Far too often, recruitment and sourcing is the ball that’s dropped, or—at the very least—given short shrift.

Enter CareerBuilder Government Solutions. Using CareerBuilder to source our government’s most important tools, our federal workforce, will give you instant access to the largest, most diverse pool of qualified talent available.

Get your open jobs in front of a new audience that isn’t currently aware of your government opportunities. Using CareerBuilder to announce your opportunities automatically posts on over 100 industry leading Diversity web-sites such as Univision.com , 140 Newspapers including USA Today, 20 Government sites, and 1,800 other industry specific and broad appeal websites like MSN, Google, AT&T and CNN.

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In addition to CareerBuilder being your leading source to attract diverse candidates, Veterans, skilled professionals and people with disabilities, our front end user portal is 508 Compliant.