Social Media Brand Management

Meet the power of interactive communities.

Recently, innovations in social media have transformed the government sourcing enterprise.

New tools enable deep, immersive relationships with targeted talent online. But success depends on a significant commitment to quality content, continuous communication, and a unified brand voice.

As an extension of your agency, CBGS assimilates your culture, communication style, marketing priorities, and HR initiatives. Then, we create an authentic online community that uniquely reflects your employment value proposition.

Comprehensive benefits include:

  • Discovering new, untapped talent streams.
  • Establishing a three-dimensional personality and point of view.
  • Uncovering true job seeker attitudes.
  • Gaining real-time feedback on nascent sourcing initiatives.

Basic social media brand management offers:

  • Monitoring of all Facebook communications.
  • Talent interaction.
  • Inappropriate post removal.
  • New content posting.
  • Monthly reports.

Advanced social media brand management offers:

  • Original content creation.
  • Crafting and implementation of micro marketing campaigns.
  • Selection and engagement of online employee advocates.
  • Ad creation and placement on Facebook.