CBi Oasis

An Oasis: A Place of Refuge Amid Chaos.

Today’s prison systems contend with daunting challenges in the face of thousands of incoming offenders on a daily basis – most of whom are eventually released back into communities.

This issue affects entire communities by creating a segment of the population unprepared to break the cycle of criminal activity. The Second Chance Act of 2007 includes extensive legislation designed to help offenders break this cycle by requiring correctional facilities to provide access to education and training that will help them succeed upon re-entry.

CBi Oasis is a Learning Management System (LMS) assembled especially for the learning needs within the prison system, with the flexibility to add needed courses at any time. The system functions on a completely closed and secure basis because it operates fully without Internet access. This means offenders can have access to this comprehensive learning system with no risk of a security violation by way of connection through the Internet.