Take charge of a stronger, smarter sourcing operation.


Each day, government offices do amazing things. The trouble is getting the word out.

At CBGS, we optimize agency promotion through a lens of targeted candidate profiling. Because it’s not just about appealing. It’s about appealing to the candidates you covet most.

Brand Audit
Employment Branding
Social Media Brand Management
Targeted Acquisition
Targeted Acquisition Diversity
Job Analysis & Design
Predictive Candidate Selection

Engage and Retain

It begins with process. It ends with process.

To optimize recruitment, CBGS analyzes the techniques and technologies that drive your agency’s hiring. Then, we find better ways to track, report, and customize your methods. Building government work environments that breed retention, satisfaction, and productivity.

Process Optimization
Recruitment Technology Optimization
Culture Optimization and Design
Recruitment Development Institute
Workforce Analysis
Background Screening
Drug Screening