Recruitment Process Outsourcing

An extension of your team—on call.

When sudden mass sourcing needs arise, or when cycle times unexpectedly accelerate, even the most experienced government hiring teams can be pushed to the limit.

Outsourcing the process to CBGS helps you retain control of your recruitment operations, without the burdensome demands of direct sourcing.

We act as a true extension of your internal team, working within agency-set parameters to identify candidates, conduct telephone screenings, and present applicants. In fact, we can go even further—conducting in-depth interviews, collecting feedback, and helping your team’s leadership make intelligent hiring decisions.

In short, we’ll do as much or as little as you require, with a steadfast commitment to minimizing costs and saving time.

CBGS Recruitment Process Outsourcing lets you:

  • Ramp up quickly during hectic hiring periods.
  • Generate more accurate staffing budgets via cost predictability.
  • Free up employees for more specialized tasks.