Name Generation

Pass off the heavy lifting.

Without question, the most tedious, time-intensive aspect of government sourcing is the preliminary name gathering.

But whether you have a single position to fill, or the need for a continuous talent stream, CBGS outsourced services can relieve your team members of onerous research duties—freeing them to focus on more sophisticated work.

Based on agency-set specifications, we generate precise lists of pertinent talent in the government and adjacent spaces. Entries include full names, titles, agencies and/or companies, email addresses, and phone numbers—with over 90% accuracy guaranteed.

Our name generation services boast two delivery options:

  • One-time list creation: Ad hoc support for hard-to-fill roles, high-level positions, niche jobs, new locations, or competitive research.
  • Subscription-based monthly delivery: Ongoing support for frequently filled positions, continuous candidate pipelines, or large growth initiatives.